Friday, September 22, 2017

DIY Deer Shirt

It's deer season! Celebrate by making your own deer shirt using Tumble Dye and a stencil.

For a masculine shirt, use a gray shirt and green dye. We created variations of dark and light green by applying more spray in some areas and less in others.

For a more feminine shirt, use a white shirt and glitter spray.

If deer are not your thing, the stencil and color combinations are endless! We hope this gives you some inspiration.

• Place a piece of cardstock in your shirt, to avoid spraying through to the back.
• Cut a stencil out of sticker paper and attach it to your shirt.
• Cover the areas you don't want sprayed with paper.
• Do several light sprays rather than saturating it all at once.
• Don't forget to heat set to make it permanent.

Friday, September 15, 2017

DIY Wedding Book

We LOVE weddings! If you are planning a wedding or working on an elegant craft project, you'll love this mini album we made.

This could be used for a wedding album, sign-in book, or any other project you want to have a formal, sophisticated flair.

The supplies we used are velvet paper, a stencil, gray Tumble Dye, and our kraft starter album (on sale).

Just lay your stencil over the velvet paper and spray with Tumble Dye.

After it's all dry, you can use it for your project or as an album cover. The rich, plush velvet texture is perfect for fall or winter weddings.

We decided to use plain coconut velvet paper for the spine and replace the ribbon with something more sparkly. The with velvet paper and Tumble Dye offered in so many colors, the possibilities are endless!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Fall Scrapbook Layout Idea

Have you checked out our perfectly coordinated fall paper packs? If not, hop over quick! They are still in our sale category for a very short time.

We used the papers to make this adorable fall scrapbook layout! We like to cut simple shapes out of the paper like circles and leaves to add interest and dimension.

We hope you are enjoying our fall project ideas and getting ready for cool autumn weather!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Fall Banner DIY With Scrapbook Paper & Banner Kit

Our week of fall projects continues! If you haven't started decorating for fall yet, you have our permission. Bring on the pumpkins, scarecrows, leaves... and banners! :)

This adorable banner was made using our banner kit and fall paper pack (which is on SALE through Thursday BTW -- Just $5).

We cut the autumn papers into leave and flag shapes and whipped this cutie up in no time. How would you use this autumn paper pack?

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

DIY Velvet Fall Leaves for Crafting

Fall is on the way! One of our favorite things to use for fall crafting and decorations is velvet leaves. They have such an amazing texture!

They are really simple to make. We cut these out of velvet paper using our Sizzix. But, you could do the same with any type of cutting machine or even a pair of scissors.

These leaves are so handy for fall crafting. Make a bunch and sew them together for a garland or wreath. Add them as card or scrapbook accents.

There are so many great ideas! What would you do with these lovelies?

Monday, September 4, 2017

DIY Velvet Aspen Tree Card

Happy Monday! We have a super cool card to share today using DIY aspen trees. You are going to love how we made these!

First off, did you know we sell velvet paper? It's exactly what it sounds like, a rich, plush velvety paper. It adds such an amazing texture. We especially love it for fall and winter crafting.

To make your own aspen trees, you will need to start with a sheet of our coconut velvet paper, charcoal tumble dye, and a little paint brush.

Use scissors to cut strips of velvet paper the size you want for trunks and branches. They should be a little uneven and taper slightly.

Shake the Tumble Dye, take the lid off, and paint some fine horizontal lines on your velvet paper, to resemble Aspen bark. The dye will bleed slightly to create the natural bark look.

Then, just put them on your project and add a few leaves. Cool, huh? It's a lot of fun too. Plus, we have some fall velvet paper bundles on sale this week for just $5 each!

More fall crafting ideas coming tomorrow!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

DIY Fall Envelope Album

We have some really great fall items on sale this week. So, we are sharing ideas of how to use them on the blog.

Today we are featuring our envelope album kit. It is 30% off and you get a free tag book when you purchase it now through Thursday.

There are instructions on how to put everything together. But, it's always fun to add your own flair. We focused ours on fall hikes. You can do whatever you want, Thanksgiving, family photos, etc.

The pockets the envelopes make are great for storing extra photos, or in our case, pretty leaves and memorabilia.

It's easy to add a few extra embellishments from your stash. We added alphabet stickers and sundries.

The kit comes with pre-cut papers, rub-ons, ribbon, chiplets, metal rings, eyelets, and kraft envelopes.

What is your favorite part about this fall envelope book?

Don't forget, the sale ends next Thursday. So, hurry over to our website to get your envelope kit.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Brentwood Card Ideas

The Brentwood cardmaker pad is so easy to use! Just cut some of the papers in half to use for card bases, layer pieces of your favorite patterns on top, add a few stickers from the pad, and accent with ribbons or gems from your stash. Done!

Here are some of the cards we made from the Brentwood paper pad. We really love how they turned out and the variety you can get from just one pad...

This bird paper is so pretty, cut a nice crop and you don't need much more to decorate the card.

Blessings and gratitude cards are perfect for fall! These stickers are designed especially for cards and work perfectly with the papers.

Lucky for you, this pad is on sale this week! 30% off! Plus if you purchase it, we'll send you a tag book for FREE! Check out this deal here.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Simple DIY Bag Using Heart Sticker & Tumble Dye

Everyone loves a compliment, right? We sure do! When we stumbled across this cute video featuring our Tumble Dye, we were all giddy. So, check it out. It's only about 30 seconds.

Isn't Nicole from Darby Smart so sweet? We love these simple little bags she made using a heart sticker and Tumble Dye.

Thanks for sharing, Nicole! We'd love to see what you create with tumble dye. Please submit your projects to seiblog{at}shoppes{dot}com and we might feature your project next.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

How to Make Your Own Team Jersey - Simple DIY

Hello there our creative friends! It's time for the fall soccer season to start here in Utah. If your child is participating in sports or you want to create a team shirt of your own, we know the most simple way to do it. All you need is a shirt, iron, and athletic iron-ons!

If you want small numbers on the front of your shirt, we have those.

If you want large numbers for the back of your shirt, we have those too.

If you want to spell something out on your shirt... you guessed it! We have that too. In fact, we have lot's of sizes of athletic letters, depending on your project.

This awesome video walks you right through how to make a team shirt. Check it out!

Easy, right? Yes! So, go get your iron, some iron-ons, and make something awesome. It doesn't have to be a shirt. Think of all the things you can personalize.

Just a note here, some of our iron-ons have a paper backing like the one above. Others have a plastic film on the back. So, make sure to follow the directions on the back of the package. Happy crafting!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Easy Way to Color Wood

If you are looking for an easy way to color wood, we have just the thing... TUMBLE DYE! This stuff comes in so many different colors... try a bold neon color, a subtle aqua or add gray for an aged look. Check out our video on how to do this:

Friday, July 28, 2017

New Website!

We have been working on something special for a while and are so excited to finally share it with you. It's our brand new website! Please check it out and let us know what you think.

We are excited about the clean new design, simplified shipping rates, inspiration ideas, and better photos of our favorite products. We have a sale this week too! You can get any of these 4 card kits for just $6.99 each.

It's so fun to finally see our hard work come to life!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Tumble Dye Craft Ideas - Craft & Fabric Dye

There are so many things you can do with our SEI's Tumble Dye, parties, paper-crafting projects and more! Two of our most favorite things to do are fashion and home decor projects. So, today we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite projects with you.

1. Baby Onesie - This adorable baby is sporting a custom team onesie. If you want to make one for your team, go check out Karen's instructions here.
2. Wooden Bracelets - Complete the look with a unique bracelet! We have instructions for you on making these too.
3. Batik Scarf - Special thanks to Melanie for the tutorial on how to create this look.
4. Lace Shirt - We used a piece of lace as a stencil here. Check out the full blog post for more t-shirt ideas.

1. Stencil Pillows - The only limit to these is your imagination! Here's the tutorial link.
2. Embroidery Hoop Art - There are several ideas for this on our blog. But, we picked this one by Amy because it's about time to start making some fall decorations.
3. Home Decor - Piali created some amazing things with Tumble Dye while on our Design Team. Here are her instructions for this gem.
4. Snow-cone Pillow - Nikki really outdid herself on this one! It's so perfect for this time of year. See this and what she did with the sheets here.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

DIY Watermelon Projects Using Dye

Do you ever pin a project you are dying to do and similar ideas just keep popping up? Then, you're like, wow, I seriously NEEED to do this! I'm so excited! But, you get busy working on a website and next thing you know the summer is half over... Ok, you get the idea.

We've been pinning these watermelon project ideas FOREVER. We are so excited to try something similar with our Tumble Dye. But, it just hasn't happened. So, which idea is your favorite? Maybe we will finally get one done!

1. Watermelon Shorts - These shorts from Vanessa at DIY & Crafts look super simple to make. They would be even more simple with our Tumble Dye because there is no mixing!
2. Watermelon Bag - We love this tutorial by Madame Citron! If you don't speak French, just Google translate it and you'll get the idea. Once again, this would be more simple with Tumble Dye.
3. Watermelon Card - Use watercolor paper for this idea from Splitcoast Stampers.
4. Watermelon Skirt - Wow! We saw an adult-size skirt on-line that was lovely. But, this little girl size is too cute! Check out the great tutorial by Laura from Little Button Diaries. You wouldn't need the warm water & salt combo listed if you use our dyes.
5. Watermelon Potholder - A Beautiful Mess is such a great blog with fun projects and great photography. If you you've never pursued their projects, you're missing out! Their potholder tutorial is great. But, if you don't happen to have that fabric, you can make you own using white fabric and you guessed it, Tumble Dye!
6. Watermelon Beach Towel - How fun would this be to do with the kiddos?! We love how they involved the whole family with this idea from Katey at Having Fun at Home.
7. Watermelon Shoes - Our dyes work great on these canvas shoes. But, if you want the look and aren't up for a DIY, you can always buy these from Ms. Hey's Etsy shop. ;)
8. Mini Watermelon Bags - Amy from Delineate Your Dwelling used acrylic paint for these little cuties. But, did you know you can screw off the lid on our tumble dyes and dip a paintbrush right in the bottle? You sure can!

Ok, are you convinced that need to make one of these cute watermelon projects? We are! Tumble Dye is the perfect pair because they are water-based, non-toxic dyes made right here in the US. Just shake the bottle and you're ready to go - NO MIXING! Happy crafting!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Cheerful Summer Thinking of You Card

We hope all of our fellow Americans had a wonderful Independence Day yesterday! We certainly did. Fireworks are the best!

Today we are back to work and excited to share this adorable card. It is so cheerful! Don't you think? These bright summer colors and floral designs are easy to love.

We used the supplies from our June scrapbooking kit for it. Have we even mentioned here on the blog that it is our last monthly kit for now? We are working on a new website and have other awesome things in the future. So, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with all that.

Please be patient with us in the transition. Thanks for your support!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Summer Strawberry Card - Life is Better with You

Summer is in full swing! We hope you are having a wonderful time with family and friends.

Even amidst the summer busyness, it's nice to make time to send cards. So, we made this cute little card with supplies from our June scrapbooking kit.

This is one of those great cards to have on hand because it works for all kinds of occasions. What kinds of cards do you have planned to make this summer?

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Last-Minute Father's Day Gift

Wather's Day is Sunday! So, here's one more last-minute idea for you. We love this for any dad, but especially a dad-to-be.

We wrapped this peanut candy with a piece of paper from our May Club SEI kit, added a cute saying and a few embellishments. That's it! We love simple last-minute gift ideas.

Happy Father's Day!

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